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2015 - 2016 SCHOOL YEAR

The statutory walking distance must be enforced as in any other school district throughout the state of New Mexico.

  1. One mile, one way for students in grades kindergarten through sixth.
  2. One and one half miles, one way for students in grades seven through nine.
  3. Two miles, one way for students in grades ten through twelve.

NOTE:  Please send students to bus stop at least five to ten minutes earlier for the first couple of weeks of school until bus establishes the designated stops and times.   Thank you for your patience in this matter.  (Reminder:  Breakfast will be served at each school site.)

If you have any concerns, questions or need assistance in bus routes, times, bus drivers etc., we encourage parents/guardians to contact Annabell Romero, Transportation Director at 838-3117 or 835-0300 prior school starting.


Policies and Procedures