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Attention Parents and Community Members:

No 1/2 day on October 14th

Oct. 14 is the 40th day of the school year, and that is an important day for the district. The scheduled 1/2 day will be cancelled and a full day of school will be in session.
  • What is the 40th day?
    • NMPED (Public Education Department) uses data on the 40th, 80th, and 120th school day to determine funding.

  • Why does the 40th day matter?
    • The data collected on the 40th, 80th, and 120h days are not compared or combined with data on any other school day.

  • What should I do as a parent?
    • If your child normally uses the bus, continue as usual.
    • Do not check your children out early if it can be avoided.

The telephone communication structure is nearing completion of a rebuild. All buildings are back online with the original phone numbers, and soon all extensions will be available. To reach the schools, dial:

  • 575-835-0700 - SHS Main Office
  • 575-835-7631 - SHS Counselor
  • 575-835-0283 - SMS Main Office
  • 575-835-7633 - SMS Counselor
  • 575-835-1436 - Zimmerly Main Office
  • 575-835-1098 - Midway Main Office
  • 575-835-1086 - Parkview Main Office
  • 575-835-1758 - San Antonio Main Office

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